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General information

Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was founded in 1999 by the order of Ministry of Health of Russia. The Institute carries out its activities in several areas: scientific and educational activities, health informatization and international cooperation.

The main objective of the Institute is to develop the scientific foundations of implementation of the health state policy, as well as scientific justification for development of public health, health care organization and informatization.

In accordance with the selected activities specialized departments of the Institute implement the following tasks:

  • scientific justification of strategic directions for health system development, as well as preparation of practical recommendations (programs, methods, standards) and options for administrative decisions
  • methodological and organizational support for the process of forming a unified informatization system for Russian health care
  • development of new organization forms for different types of care and management of the health system, participation in a variety of organizational and economic experiments, as well as participation in training programs in the field of public health
  • carrying out a wide range of medical and demographic and socio-hygienic researches of health and reproduction of the population in different regions of Russia, including the study of public opinion on various aspects of medical and social areas
  • collection, processing and analysis of statistical data, development of proposals for the transition to international criteria (standards, classifications, methods of processing and analysis) in the field of medical statistics
  • scientific justification of development of health resource base, the management system's quality of care and efficiency of health programs and activities
  • scientific justification of health personnel policy, implementation of all kinds of postgraduate training on the profile of the Institute (residency training, postgraduate, doctoral), and performing of studies of trends in the composition in general, structure and provision of medical personnel to the population
  • participation in drafting of legislation and other documents on public health protection by Assignments of the Ministry Health of the Russian Federation
  • development of information systems and models for ongoing and long-term management of health at different levels based on system analysis and modern computer technology
  • development and introduction of a comprehensive health monitoring system for Russian population
  • introduction of research results, development and advanced information technologies in health care practice by the preparation of appropriate regulations
  • cooperation with local and international organizations to conduct joint research and experience exchange in the field of Public Health